R & D

Our customers rely on our designs

In the Research and Development Department of Fass Dichtungen Private Limited,we design reliable hydraulic and cooling solutions for tomorrow's hydraulic industry. The average size of wind farms is increasing as well as the capacity and efficiency of the wind turbines. Therefore, we are always abreast of the development ensuring that our customers can rely on our designs now and in the future.

Our test facilities are diligent

We believe testing is at the core of our ability to provide our customers with reliable, high- performance hydraulic and cooling systems. We test all our solutions in our 1,600m2 Research and Development Center which gives our customers comfort in knowing our products will always be reliable.

Here are just some of the reasons our equipment will last for years:

We use advanced 3D modeling software

We make use of the Finite Element Method (FEM) during the design phase

We conduct hydraulic and thermo dynamic simulation to make sure the system we design performs well under extreme operating conditions